Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Generation Now's Interpretation of Kutchi Mirror or Shisha work

One of our perennial favorite arts of embellishment has always been the Shisha(Mirror) work originating in the Kutch district of Gujarat India, where a tiny shard of glass would be appliqued on a base fabric and then secured by stitching down thread all round the glass thus preventing any jagged edges and creating a perfect reflective ornamentation. This Shisha technique has seen tremendous waves of popularity all over the international fashion scenario and has been ruling the roost in fashion weeks of Paris, Milan, New York, thanks to amazing craftsmanship displayed by foremost names like Barbara Bui, Louis Vuitton, KTZ, Valentino and many more.
 And this popularity has led us to think and explore new and innovative methods to re-interpret this gorgeous embellishment method.and  Voila!!! comes these laser cut, metallic mirror finish, stick-on products in a range of shapes and sizes perfect for usage on delicate Italian tulle or floating silk chiffon, without the heaviness of glass or sharp edges nicking into delicate fabrics or the arduous task of keeping the glass shard in place.... the adhesive at the back will easily keep the shisha in place!!!
 Generation Now's modification of the antique art of Kutchi Shisha embellishment is like true magic....... it can truly change a bit of floating barely there fabric into an enchantment of glass, glitter and glamor!!!

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