Thursday, 3 October 2013


I started drawing women when i was 7 years old...... princesses and fairies in beautiful ball gowns and exotic flowers, strings of pearls and glittering diamonds.
What was the influence? Hard to pinpoint. It might have been the beautiful illustrations of Cinderella and Snow White and Beauty in Ladybird fairytale books, the  inherent love for all things delicate and beautiful that is fired up in an imaginative child after consuming a steady diet of legends and fairy tales from all over the world!
Whatever the reasons were, the passion has continued over the next couple of decades. My best time starts when I'm alone with my beloved pencils, Rotring pens, Staedtler colors and loads of spotless ivory sheets!!!!
Today i combine black with pearls..... both the epitome of lady-like elegance and ageless chic. Its amazing how a sketch can convey in a glance, an attitude that would take ages to write about!!!!
So I'll leave it you, readers, to determine the feelings created by this particular illustration, and I'll be glad if it evokes the same thoughts in you,as i had when i sketched it!!!

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